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Programs And Services Offered At Barth Clinic

Barth Clinic is a state-certified outpatient provider of substance abuse services with offices in Yakima and Ellensburg, and has been proudly serving Central Washington since 1991. Barth Clinic has developed and offers programs consistent with the nationally-recognized standards adopted by the American Medical Association – American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) patient placement criteria, PPC2r 2004.

General Services

We offer a variety of programs that include, but are not limited to the following:
*Some programs may not be available in all areas.


Complete and comprehensive evaluation services, most assessments take approximately 90 minutes. They include a structured diagnostic interview, written testing, and the review of collateral data. This data may include driving records, employment records, attendance reports, drug screen results, defendant criminal history reports, and family-related information. Criteria for making substance abuse or dependence findings are adopted from the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual version V. Asam (DSM V. Asam).


A referral is an assistance in entering structured outpatient education, intervention, or treatment programs through Barth Clinic or other certified programs. Referrals are based on the needs of the individual and family requesting assistance. *Referral may also include assistance in entering residential or medically managed care programs or facilities.

Alcohol Drug Information School, ADIS

ADIS is a structured 8 to 12-hour session which addresses an individual’s relationship with alcohol and/or other drugs. It also includes information related to decision making, laws and consequences, chemical interactions, and action plans for change. Use of DBHR approved and required Change Companies curriculum complement these sessions. This level of care is referred to as ASAM level 5 – Early Education/Intervention.


The discovery program addresses issues related to substance abuse. Persons in this level of care attend a weekly group for a total duration of twelve to twenty-six weeks (12-26). In addition, persons enrolled in the discovery program attend one session of Alcohol Drug Information School and one or more individual counseling sessions. This level of care is referred to as ASAM Level I Outpatient.

Weekly Continuing Care

This includes weekly group sessions of one and a half hours in duration. Patients in this level of care have completed an intensive program and transitioned to this level of care. It is also referred to as ASAM Level I Outpatient. Attendance is based on individual needs. Lengths of stay are varied, except for persons granted deferred prosecution – which lists a proscriptive length of stay in this level of care.

Intensive Outpatient

Also referred to as IOP, intensive outpatient is a structured program with a length of stay from nine to twelve (9-12) weeks. Intensive outpatient groups meet four days a week in two-hour sessions, traditionally offered Monday through Thursday. Barth Clinic also offers specialty programs of intensive outpatient with early morning sessions Monday through Friday and a weekend program with sessions Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as three 3-hour sessions*. This level of care is referred to as ASAM level II.I Intensive Outpatient. Additional groups, programs, and services offered at Barth Clinic are as follows:

Monthly Monitor

ASAM 5 is not a therapy session. In most cases, persons in this level of care are participating in these sessions as a result of taking advantage of the opportunities afforded alcoholic, drug-dependent patients, or those with mental illnesses. It is an alternative to punishment under RCW 10.05 Deferred Prosecution.

Medically Monitored Detoxification Programs

Under the care and supervision of medical professionals, Barth Clinic staff assists individuals and families with appropriate physician referrals, placement in sub-acute detoxification units or hospitalization, as well as medication management with other licensed professionals.

Intervention Services

School-Based Programs

Family Counseling


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Professional Programs And Services Offered At Barth Clinic.

Professional Intervention

Assisting individuals, families, and other concerned persons in accessing appropriate care for alcohol or other drug-impaired loved ones. This may include structured sessions, practice sessions with action plans, information sessions, assistance with referral information, and, in some cases, transport to residential treatment facilities.

Employee Assistance Programs

Also referred to as EAP, Barth Clinic is affiliated with licensed professionals in and around the Pacific Northwest. Offering evaluation, intervention, and/or education programs, including assessment and referral support as well as professional monitoring.

Employer Education Programs

Jim Barth offers structured early identification and information programs to employers for new hire staff, annual training, information updates, or policy updates, and assistance with Policy and Procedure manuals. Employer handbooks and employee/employer agreements are offered as well.

Professional Partnerships

Barth Clinic offers

professional association partnerships with nationally recognized substance abuse providers in and around the Pacific Northwest.

Safety Services

Safety Services of Central Washington, a division of Barth Clinic, is dedicated to offering professional drug, alcohol, and electronic home monitoring services throughout Washington. For more information, please call toll-free at 877-457-5657.

Barth Clinic is a preferred provider for most insurance companies, having preferred provider agreements with First Choice Health, Regence, Cigna, Aetna Group Health Cooperative, and others. Barth Clinic is a member of the following local and state organizations – Central Washington Chemical Dependency Treatment Providers Alliance (CWCDTPA), Washington State Association of Independent Outpatient Providers (WSAIOP), Chambers of Commerce of Yakima and Ellensburg, BBB, and Sunrise Rotary of Yakima.

Safety Services of Central Washington, a division of Barth Clinic, offers nationally recognized Soberlink and Scram monitoring services. Our EHM program is operated by certified agents and technicians that have been trained to monitor “high risk” offenders. SSCW will monitor anywhere in Washington State. We are available to go directly to the client’s residence or county/city jails before release. Appointments can be made within 24 hours of initial contact. SSCW agents are available.

  • GPS Electronic Home Monitoring Devices (real-time monitoring)
  • Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring Devices; remote breath as many times a day as deemed for by courts
  • SCRAM Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Devices
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting
  • Instant non-compliance reporting
  • Urine and Oral Drug Screening

Safety Services of Central Washington also offers an extensive line of employer services which include:

  • Onsite DOT/Non-DOT Urine Drug Testing
  • Alcohol/Drug Awareness Education
  • Policy Development and Support

We can come directly to you within 24 hours of initial contact!