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Meagan Takamori-Owner


Barth & Associates offers complete substance abuse services. The Barth Family have been treating individuals and families in the Yakima Valley for over 30 years. Harry Barth entered the field of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment in 1972 as a pioneering staff member of the Sundown M Ranch, located at that time in White Swan, WA. Harry has been a Counselor, Program Director, Owner, Operator and successful administrator in the substance abuse field for over 30 years. Evelyn Barth began her career in working with individuals impacted by alcoholism in 1974 through the Snohomish County Court systems. As a entry level clerk, probation manager and eventually completing her education and becoming a Probation Assessment Officer. Managing Probation Departments in South District Court and Marysville Municipal Court, Evelyn was able to assist thousands of individuals and families toward treatment and recovery.
Gwen S. Barth was afforded the opportunity to work alongside her husband Harry at the Yakima Valley Community Alcohol and Center, eventually taking over as interim Director of the CAC. Gwen Barth completed her substance abuse education through Yakima Valley Community College.

Harry & Gwen Barth founded Barth Clinic in 1990, opening the first Barth Clinic in January 1991.

Since 1990 Barth Clinic has grown, with offices in Yakima and Ellensburg. Barth Clinic continues to be a family owned and operated provider of substance abuse services. Currently offering complete outpatient programs, including assessment and referral. We offer Day, Evening and Weekend programs to fit everybody's needs. Open 7 days a week.

Assistance in medical detoxification programs, professional partnerships with nationally recognized programs.


Evelyn Ann Center is dedicated to Health & Wellness. Offering gently used clothing, hygiene products, tutoring, resume making, internet navigation, community health worker, and beading.

Jim Barth has worked in the field of chemical dependency since 1986, beginning his professional career as an entry level support person of Sundown M Ranch. Completing his substance abuse education, he continued at Sundown as a Counselor Intern, Certified Counselor, Chief Counselor, Associate Director of Youth programs and eventually assisting and developing the 60 bed residential adolescent programs that he directed from 1994 to 2000. Jim brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the field, in addition to developing programs at Barth Clinic, he is former faculty at Yakima Valley Community Colleges Substance Use Disorder Studies.


Barth Clinic is currently owned and operated by Meagan Takamori, daughter of Jim Barth. Meagan worked her way slowly up the ladder at Barth Clinic over 13 years. She had the jobs of Receptionist, EHM Agent, Office Manager, Finance Manager, Substance Use Disorder Professional, Clinical Director and now Administrator. Meagan knows what it is like to work in every aspect of our clinic and shows a deep admiration for our support staff, who we rely on heavily. Meagan takes pride in Barth Clinic and is excited for this new adventure in life.

Barth Clinic believes that Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Mental Illnesses are treatable diseases.

Recovery is possible! Addiction recovery begins with abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances, including Alcohol. We believe there is help and there is hope for the individual and family affected by Alcoholism and Drug addiction.


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Barth Clinic the very best
Treatment with Dignity and Respect.  

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