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Barth Family History

The Barth family has been treating individuals and families in the Yakima valley for over 30 years. Harry and Gwen Barth founded Barth clinic in 1990, opening the first Barth clinic in January 1991. Since 1990 Barth clinic has grown, with offices in Yakima, Ellensburg, and Zillah. Barth clinic continues to be a family owned and operated provider of complete substance abuse services. The services have expanded over the years to include complete substance abuse services and Employee Assistance programs as well as becoming licensed and certified vendors of SCRAMx.

Harry Barth’s history of alcohol treatment began in May of 1964 when his employer told him he needed to get into a program or get new employment. Harry was referred to the Seattle Treatment Center and to Alcoholics Anonymous. He attended group counseling sessions at the center for 5 years as well as attending a weekly AA meeting. Deciding he needed a change, he quit the center and AA. After about 10 months, he relapsed and was referred to Sundown M Ranch for 21 days. His follow up consisted of 9 AA meetings per week. He obtained employment as a typist with a group that was writing a grant to develop a comprehensive alcoholism program for Snohomish County. The consultant for this program was Dr. James R. Milam PhD.

When the grant was over the experience of working with Dr. Milam, combined with his personal treatment and recovery experience, provided him with sufficient credentials to work as a counselor trainee.

Harry Barth entered the field of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment in 1972 as a pioneering staff member of the Sundown M Ranch, located at that time in White Swan, WA. Harry has been a Counselor, Program Director, Owner, Operator and successful Administrator.

Evelyn Barth began her career in working with individuals impacted by alcoholism in 1974 through the Snohomish County Court Systems as an entry level clerk, probation manager, and eventually completing her education with Father Royce in Seattle, WA and becoming a probation assessment officer. Managing probation departments in South District Court and Marysville Municipal Court, as well as working part time for M. K. Standish, outpatient program in Smokey Point, WA Evelyn was able to assist thousands of individuals and families toward treatment and recovery.

Gwen S. Barth was afforded the opportunity to work alongside her husband Harry at the Yakima Valley Community Alcohol Center, eventually taking over as interim director of the CAC. Gwen Barth completed her substance abuse education through Yakima valley Community College. Gwen and Harry have left a legacy of treatment and recovery that has reached thousands over the years. You can hear comments and reports of the impact they had on individual and families lives all over the State, they really believed in individuals and families getting well. They made a difference, they still continue to make a difference with their personal lives in LaQuinta, CA where they are active members in the recovering community.

Barth Clinic is currently owned and operated by Jim Barth of Selah, WA. Jim Barth has worked in the field of chemical dependency since 1986, beginning his professional career as an entry level support person of Sundown M Ranch. Completing his substance abuse education, he continued at Sundown as a counselor intern, certified counselor, and chief counselor, associate director of youth programs and eventually assisting and developing the 60 bed residential adolescent programs that he directed from 1994 to 2000. Jim brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the field, in addition to developing programs at Barth Clinic; he is former faculty at Yakima Valley Community College’s Substance Use Disorder Program.


Barth Clinic's current Clinical Director is Meagan Takamori, daughter of Jim Barth. Meagan started her career as a receptionist at Barth Clinic in 2011. Working her way up in the company, Meagan has been the finance Manager, Office Manager and Human Resources Manager. Meagan decided she wanted to follow her father and grandfathers footsteps and began her journey to becoming an SUDP. Meagan worked her way from SUDPT to SUDP to Clinical Director. She looks forward to continuing the Barth Legacy.

Harry’s professional experience 
* August 1971 – August 1972—Snohomish County Council on Alcoholism 
* August 1972 – December 1978—Sundown M Ranch 
* January 1978 – August 1979—Pacific County Alcoholism Program 
* September 1979 – May 1980—Grant County Alcoholism Program 
* May 1980 – May 1985—Yakima County Council on Alcoholism 
* May 1985 – September 1991—Green Valley Lodge 
* 1991 – Established Barth Clinic 

* High School Graduate 
* Yakima Valley Community College, Alcoholism Counselor Certification Program 
* University of Utah, summer school of Alcoholism & other Drug Dependencies 
* Betty Ford Symposium on Alcoholism 1981-88, 90 
* Many other work-shops and learning events between the 70’s and 2000 

* Instructor in YVCC Alcoholism Program for several years 
* Certified Alcoholism Counselor 
* Served on the Alcoholism Certification Board for 3 years 
* Member of Alcoholism Professional Staff Society 
* Awarded Alcoholism Professional of the Year in 1984 
* Established the New Start Detoxification Program utilizing the social detox model in Yakima County. 
* Established the first Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program in Yakima County 
* Established the James Oldham Treatment Center 
* Served 2 terms as President of the Association of Alcoholism Programs. 

Both Harry and Jim have been instrumental in shaping treatment in Washington State, with serving on statewide committees, officers of State and local Provider Associations and continuing as consultants to programs in Washington, California and Montana. The Barth Family has a rich and long history in treatment and recovery in Washington State.

Overall, we have been very blessed, having been afforded the opportunities to be of service to so many for so long. We are committed to continuing this Legacy with Meagan Barth joining the staff in 2011. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service! 

Jim Barth

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